GrillToolZ: Fire Tool- Ash tool, Grill prep tool, Grate lifter, Bottle opener - Made in USA


Make grill prep easy with the GrillToolZ Fire Tool.  This innovative tool integrates 5 tools in one.   

  1. Grill Grate Lifter - Keep your hands clean and easily move hot grill grates
  2. Ash tool - Clean out the ash and spent charcoal from the bottom of your grill or smoker
  3. Bottle opener - The first step in any BBQ starts with something cold
  4. Scraper - Clean the grate and inner surface of your grill or smoker
  5. Fire Poker - Clean out old charcoal, arrange, distribute, and prep for your next cook

Made from Heavy 3/16” thick food-grade Stainless steel, this tool will last a lifetime.  Made in the USA

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